Infiniskills facilitates the building of organisational capability for innovation and growth by developing individual competency in visual thinking. Visual thinking skills are grounded on the science of vision and based on original bestselling problem-solving tool-kits developed by our principal, Dan Roam.

Dan Roam is the author of six international bestselling books on business visualization and communication clarity. Dan has helped leaders at Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Gap, Cisco, IBM, IDEO, Lucasfilm, General Electric, SAP, the US Navy, the United States Senate, and the White House solve complex problems with simple pictures. 

We are a team of experienced trainers across multiple professional backgrounds e.g., finance, media, manufacturing, IT, education etc. We offer our clients both the expertise in facilitating learning and the corporate experience to understand your challenges and guide you towards your goals.

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To be recognised as the leading strategic partner in empowering personal success and driving business performance.


To provide mental frameworks grounded on our innate preference for visuals, to achieve success in problem solving, creative innovation and idea pitching.  

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