Training Programmes

We conduct a variety of training programmes, including:

  • The Back of the Napkin (problem-solving)
  • The S.T.A.R. System
  • Draw to Win (collaborative innovation)
  • Riding the PUMA (storylines for presentations)
  • POP-UP Pitch (pitching ideas)
  • The Visual Decoder for Kids (clarity for understanding)

Further information of each one of these programmes can be found in the accordion table below.

Conceptual Swiss Army Knife

Any problem can be made clearer with a picture, and any picture can be created using a set of tools and the rules for its use.

The core of The Back of The Napkin is learning how to use the Conceptual Swiss Army Knife – a uniquely original way of looking at problems and their solutions based on visual thinking strategies.

STAR is a powerful framework to strengthen business acumen and to develop the ability to see unexpected possibilities, by leveraging an applied visual thinking process and several cross-industry solutioning tools.

STAR helps you develop strategies for pivoting, serving as a practical guide for business performance and personal success.

The Visual Change

This is a customised in-house training session for multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate towards innovative outcomes by leveraging visual thinking strategies.

Team members learn to see clearly the collective competencies of the organisation, and this in turn promote the discovery of  something profitable, implementable, strategic and creative.

Riding the Puma is grounded on three basic rules to extraordinary presentations: tell the truth, share a great story, and show it with pictures.

By telling the truth, we connect with our audience when the message resonates with them. By telling the truth through a story, we make it easier for people to remember what we share. By telling the story with pictures, we help them see it visually and we avoid a common failure in presentations – boring our audience to death with bare words and too-complex-to-understand concepts.

This is a ten-page pitch that offers you a clear, intentional and intuitive step-by-step approach to help you craft your persuasive story, captivating your audience and in aiding their long-term retention.

As a preparatory step to the ten-page pitch, you will learn to apply the Visual Decoder to help you quickly identify, validate and pre-visualise the key elements of your persuasive story.

The Visual Decoder promotes clarity of thought, thereby enabling preschoolers to explore their natural curiosity and to make sense of the world they live in, the experiences, the relationships etc.

This programme includes preschoolers completing a hands-on visual decoder activity, as they discover their potential to be reflective, confident, engaged and self-directed learners.

Training Methodology

All our workshops are highly participatory and interactive.

  • Short lectures delivered by expert facilitators who will explain the visual thinking frameworks – these are all learnable and practical, providing applicable predictability across different challenges.
  • Hands-on exercises based on collaborative group discussions and presentations, whereby participants will apply newly acquired visual thinking skills to real-world workplace challenges.
  • Case studies shared by the facilitators during the sessions – these stories will serve to illuminate the key takeaways and help participants see how the skills acquired  align with individual experiences.